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As well as a fine selection of cold buffets, Deli-Fresh (northwest) Limited also produces hot buffets for many popular events such as birthday parties, race meetings, engagement parties and product launches.

Although we have five set hot buffet menus, we are flexible and will always strive to meet your needs.

Hot Buffet Menu A - £4.95 per person (MINIMUM X 10)
A traditional homemade hot pot supper served with bread rolls, pickles and red cabbage.

Hot Buffet Menu B - £6.95 per person (MINIMUM X 10)
Spicy Chicken Curry made to our homemade recipe served with boiled rice and bread rolls.

Hot Buffet Menu C - £6.95 per person
A hot favourite is our Chilli con Carne served with boiled rice and bread rolls.

Hot Buffet Menu D - £6.95 per person
Everyone’s needs must be catered for and with our vegetable curry, no one is missed out.
Vegetable pasta.

Hot Buffet Menu E - £16.50 per person
Our top of the range self service 3 course meal boasts a variety of taste teasers and is proving to be one of our most popular concepts due to its flexibility.
The heated servery can be delivered to almost any venue providing there is an electrical point within the location. 

All bookings should be made and confirmed via Email or fax

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